Our Story is Your Story

Sometimes you need to tell your tale in a whisper, sometimes it must be roared. However you choose to convey your story, you must speak with an authentic voice. Whisper & Roar specialise in telling your story, your way.

different places, different people, each with a story worth telling, each with an authentic voice

“If it can be made, it can be made beautiful.”

The motto of Whisper & Roar is: “if it can be made, it can be made beautiful.” We offer graphic design, photography, typography and copy which tells your story in a concise, engaging, informative and eye-catching way. With a background in both publishing (Doncopolitan) and social enterprise (Bentley Urban Farm) we pride ourselves on our ability to help community groups, social entrepreneurs, therapists and the third sector launch, build and expand their important work. From logo design to newsletters, marketing to magazines, W&R offer quality design from a unique perspective.

The founder of W&R was the co-founder and lead designer of Doncopolitan magazine


The Marvel of Mutual Aid

W&R don’t just provide a service, we provide a mutually supportive network. We run our creative agency to help support our vital community work. W&R are based at Bentley Urban Farm, an ‘upcycled market garden’ which works to tackle issues such as food poverty and food deserts in one of the poorest regions of the UK. When you commission W&R you help a diverse range of people. You also become connected to a diverse range of community groups and social entrepreneurs, each helping one another.

A Thousand Words

As you may have noticed from the publications we’re involved with, our designs are graphics led. In a world of likes and swipes it is important to grab peoples attention quickly and offer up information in small, digestible bites. As the old adage goes, a picture paints a thousand words. We use in-house photography and illustration to help get you noticed and we use our expertise in concise, informative and engaging copy to get your message across. The same skill-set can be used when it comes to logo design and branding for start-ups, and to document the ongoing stories of our clients as they develop over the years.


Think Local

With over twenty years experience of working in the arts and creative industries in Doncaster, with clients ranging from small business start-ups to Doncaster’s iconic Frenchgate centre, we are well connected in the business community. Working as a social enterprise we are equally well connected in the voluntary and third sector. We like to encourage businesses, charities, schools, groups and individuals to work closely together for the benefit of our region as a whole. Working with W&R connects you to a web of local contacts.


Casting The Net

Ten years of working with Doncopolitan and other artists and cultural institutions means that we have a very broad creative network. If we cannot fulfill your creative needs with our in-house team we will almost certainly know a talented creative who can. This makes Whisper & Roar the ideal choice for your creative needs.

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